The Best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs: Bali


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So, you are researching yoga teacher training programs, and dreaming of traveling to Bali. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a collection of all the (known) yoga teacher training programs, and all the essential info so you can narrow your search.



Blooming Lotus Yoga


Run by a group of western women, Blooming Lotus’s teacher training programs are a combination of yoga, tantra, and vedanta. They use a lot of fancy, esoteric words to describe their training– Divine Self, Self-Realization, Shakti Power. Basically, what that all means is that this training will not shy away from getting you to explore your deeper emotional aspects. Expect lots of long, extended eye contact, and to go deeper into esoteric aspects of spirituality like chakras and astrology. This program is great for someone who’s ready to explore those parts of yoga, perhaps not the best for a more beginning student who’s looking to build a yoga career. The resort is a little ways from Ubud (20 minutes by motorbike or taxi), so be mindful that you’ll be pretty isolated. They offer all students a free 7-day silent retreat (kind of misleading, because you still have to pay for food and accommodation at their center).

Price: $4,136 for 26 days


Training Style: Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin/restorative combo.



Intuitive Flow Yoga School


This is a training that’s been run for 8+ years by a European woman living in Bali. The daily schedule is long (6:30-9), and is very lecture heavy compared to other programs, requiring students to do 5 book reports during the training. It’s held at the Ananda Cottages, a beautiful resort just outside of Ubud, about a 5-minute motorbike ride to the main part of town.

Price: $4,500 All-inclusive


Training Style: Hatha



East West Yoga Institute


Perhaps the most innovative program in Bali, our 200-hour yoga teacher training at the East West Institute combines real, Indian teachers from with popular western teachers from LA and New York. Many former students believe strongly that Gurumukh Singh, the head philosophy & meditation instructor from India, will be one of the great spiritual teachers of our time. Rather than training students from textbooks, the approach is to give students experiences with yoga in their own body, so they can feel it for themselves. This is the ultimate form of empowerment and the key to developing a life-long passion for yoga. For those who desire to actually teach right away, Shayna Hiller, one of the most popular instructors in Los Angeles, works with students to give them practical advice on starting their career. The training is held at a brand new, unique eco-resort just outside of Ubud. It’s great for students of all levels.

Price: $3,425 for 21-25 days All-inclusive (accomodation, food & training) Payment plans available for as low as $500 / month.


Training Style: Hatha/Vinyasa/Therapeutic mix




Santosha Yoga Institute


Santosha’s training is held on the beautiful island of Lembogan, a 30-minute boat ride from Denpasar or Sanur. Run by a younger, Australian woman, Santosha has created an environment great for young, budget-seeking yogi’s.

Price: $2,300 USD (does not include accomodation or food, so expect about $3,300 total)


Training Style: Holistic/ All styles



Power of Now Oasis


Held at one of the most unique yoga studios in Bali, the Power of Now Oasis is a tight-knit community of Yogi’s in the small beach town of Sanur. Sanur is a lesser-known town, but it’s a great place for training as it feels more authentically Balinese than Kuta & Seminyak, and less yoga-saturated than Ubud. The studio is a bamboo barn right on the beach. They bring great local teachers into the training, and it feels very authentically Balinese. The environment is incredibly friendly and serene. Oh, and did I mention they have a cow?

Price: $3,100 (does not include food or accommodation. expect about $4,500 total for the month)


Style: Vinyasa/Hatha



School Yoga Institute


A “mystical” yoga school, a mix of traditional yoga and ancient Shamanic practices. I would not recommend this program if you do not have some exposure or connection to Shamanic practices, as it generally comes with it’s own language and rituals. It’s run by 3 younger westerners. The trainings are held in Kura Kura bali, the west side of the island which tends to be more traffic and tourist-dense.

Price: $2,450 for 3 week training (room and board NOT included- so expect another $1,100-$2,000).


Style: “Mystical” yoga 

Shades of Yoga

A very solid option for teacher training in Bali, albeit expensive. A school that has been running trainings for many years, and limits their class sizes to 15 to give students a lot of individual attention. The reviews from students are great, such as this one.

Price: $3,950 for shared room, $4,900 for private.


Style: Hatha/ Vinyasa



Routes of Yoga


This is definitely one of the “hipper” trainings in Bali run by a young, austrian man and a woman from Australia. This training is held at popular locations right in Ubud, like the Yoga Barn or The Shala Bali, both beautiful locations for trainings. The yoga barn is always a little crowded tho and is definitely a “hot spot” for yoga in Ubud, so if you are into that it’s great.

Price: $3,900 for a shared room ($4,780 for a private room) for 24 days includes accommodation & training, but only breakfast. Account for another $15/ day for food at least, so another $400 or so.


Style: Vinyasa/Hatha




Because it’s only 16 days, the 200 hours will be more tightly packed, so expect full days (7am-9pm) of training. The trainings are held at the Shambala oceanside resort in the north part of the island, which is definitely less active, and more secluded than Ubud or the west side of the island. Generally, this is a less popular area of the Island with less to do.

Price: $2,970 for 16 days all inclusive


Style: All styles



Zuna Yoga


A great newer program that offers trainings all over Bali. It’s led by a group of very experienced westerners with impressive credentials. This is a highly rated program that tends to sell out quite early. It’s a more rigorous course physically, with two, difficult 2-hour asana classes a day. The course sizes are larger, however (24-25 students) so students may lose out on the individualized attention. It’s great for people looking for a more social experience.

Price: $3,875 for 3-week training all-inclusive.


Style: Tantra/Hatha



School of Sacred Arts

A 3-week training held at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, the yoga hot spot in all southeast Asia. With a $3,650 price tag without food or accommodation, you’ll end up paying around $5,000 for 3 weeks, so it’s perhaps the most expensive training out there. This teacher training is Yoga Barn’s longest running training, so is very integrated with their teachers and culture. It feels very diverse and multi-cultural, and there’s plenty of other events going on at the Yoga Barn throughout the day. You’re also right in the heart of Ubud, so you can walk to just about everything you’d want to do. The Yoga Barn can feel a little hecktic sometimes, as there’s usually 3 classes going on and hudreds of people there at a time, so be prepared for that.

Price: $3,650 does not include accommodation or food (expect around $5,000 total)


Style: Hatha Yoga

Sadhana Yoga School

A worldwide school that runs teacher trainings in many locations all over the world. This is a 3-week training held at a beach resort at the east end of the island. Surprisingly, the beaches are not always the best in Bali, and many prefer to be in Ubud for their training, is this feels like the spiritual center of the island. Their style of yoga is based in the Sivananda tradition. Their teachers are a diverse group of mostly westerners.

Price: $4,500 (triple) to $5,500 (single room).


Style: Vinyasa/Hatha

Samasti Yoga

A physio-focused teacher training program in Changgu, the beach/surf town of Bali.

Price: $3,490 All-inclusive (2 meals a day)


Style: Vinyasa/Hatha


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