Teacher Profile: Shayna Hiller


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Our teacher Shayna Hiller from Los Angeles details her story of her connection to yoga and what you should expect at our teacher training in Bali.

Full Transcript:

Hi everyone my name is Shayna Hiller and I’m so excited to be a part of East West Institute’s upcoming yoga teacher training in Bali. I went to Bali with no expectations by myself having never been there with no plan purely based on intuition. Upon going to Bali I can literally say my life changed, for the better. When I was in Bali I met Gurumukh and Deep who are co-hosting this training in Bali. And instantly I felt a very strong connection to them, it was something that was as if I had already known them. Their way to teaching is authentic and deep, it’s grounded in truth and very present. They were running a yoga teacher training and I went to a few of their sessions. When I was there in Gurumukh’s presence- the worlds that he said were second. His energy and his presence and his deep background of living yoga and meditation literally permeated my entire being. I felt as if he was transferring his energy to me in ways beyond just the mind. I already know because of who’s involved this is going to be an amazing training. It moves beyond just the brain into really shifting the soul with really aligning with what yoga actually is. So whether your desire is to deepen your practice or become a yoga teacher, that you’ll feel that deep sense of confidence and calmness to propel you on whatever journey you want to take. I took my first training 11 years ago, and I had no idea I would be leading retreats and teacher trainings all over the world. It was like once I did the teacher training, it never stopped. Once I embarked on that journey every single moment has been an opportunity to really feel into the bliss of life, the bliss of nature. To be able to practice yoga in as magical and mysterious of a place as Bali, it really just supports the entire process of yoga and meditation. I look forward to sharing an experience with you on all levels. Trust your heart, if you’re not sure what to expect? Even better!


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