Dogs Doing Yoga: The Best From Around The Web


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Yoga is the fastest growing sport in the world. And not just for humans. Dogs everywhere are, wait for it… going downward.


This border collie from New Zealand has a very sophisticated practice. Notice he takes the time to properly stretch his neck before beginning his practice (get your notepads out). He has a strong focus on the foundations of practice– brilliant. Unlike, like those other showyInstagramm dogs, he’s in it for the long haul. He did his teacher training last year and is now even assisting his owner.




This chihuahua has a beautiful focus on his breath and alignment. He has more of a Hatha style- keeping it simple. Wait, what is that, a treat? Bring the mind back to the breath…


Sunny’s style is a little more avante-garde, do I sense some kundalini inspiration here?


This guy won’t let anyone show him up. I’m not too keen on his alignment here, he’s really scrunching his spine to get into these difficult poses. He could learn a thing or two from Sunny.


And finally, the prodigy of canine-yoga, a well very well rounded practice indeed. Loving the enthusiasms he brings to the mat day in and day out. This guy has even built up the sophistication in his practice to carry his own matt. Looks like partner yoga is working well for him, I’m interested to see how his career develops as he continues. Oh, and he’s a lover too.

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