200, 300 hour
Certified yoga
teacher training




Come reexperience the magic of our training at a significantly discounted price as a former student.



Many of Gurumukh & Deep’s former students have reached out to us requesting to join the trainings, but feel hesitant to pay the full price as they’ve already invested once in the 200-hour training. It’s very important to all of us that you as former students are included in what we are doing here at the East West Institute. Our primary mission is to build an organization that continues improving the lives of all our students, past and present. The challenge for us is that in order to continue growing the project, we must keep enough spots open for full-paying new students.

We have created a new offer for former students, where you can receive a significant discount to join any of our trainings. We are now offering the full 3-week training in Bali for $1,975 for former students if they bring at least 1 friend with them who pays the full training price. There will be additional discounts for every additional friend you bring as well.


Former Student Discounts:

Bring 1 friend: You pay $1,975 for the full training

Bring 2 friends: You pay $1,850 for the full training

Bring 3 friends: You pay $1,700 for the full training


Join for only part of the training:

Join for 1 week: $1,575 all-inclusive

Join for 2 weeks: $2,975 all-inclusive




Apply now by emailing adam@yogaeastwest.com or by calling 424-322-0661